A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute (20,000 bottles per second).

91% of the bottles are not recycled or reused, and end up in LANDFILLS or in OCEANS.

Why choose us?

100% Recyclable

We at Terragreen looms have developed and manufactured all our products keeping the safety of the mother nature at the top most priority. All our products are 100% recyclable.

Natural Fiber

We manufacture our product is such a way that gives the feel of natural fiber.

UV Stable

Our products are UV Stabilized, means we have added a stabilizer to the resin to allow it to protect theproduct from the long-term degradation from UV light.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

We manufacture our product which can be used in indoor and outdoor use

Premium Quality

Since we manufacture our products from recycled plastic bottles and cans which were meant to store water for human consumption, is the finest form of plastic available.


We annihilate plastic waste from around the globe and coverts that waste into a useful form of products. Keeping the safety of the mother nature at our top most priority.

Dust & Stain Resistant

Our products are dust free and are stain resistant.


Our employees are skilled in a handmade craft and produce best handmade products which are eco friendly by keeping the safety of the mother nature at our top most priority.

Retains Colour

Our products reatin colour for life time.

Cost Effective

Since we manufature our product by waste plastic bottles our cost of the products will be low .